Service & Repairs.

We provides onsite repairs (when possible) and onsite inspections on projectors and audio visual equipment. We can also provide you with a Service Level Agreement tailored to your needs

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About our Services and Repairs

We can repair your projector to its full functionality and restore it to its factory specs. Based on our experience, projectors which are heavily used can suffer from power issues, cooling issues, and image discoloration.  Whether the unit needs new filters, mirrors, fans, or bulbs, we can assist.

Hashtag AV can assist with lamp replacement direct from the manufacturer at a competitive price!  If you have a bad lamp it will often produce no picture, dark picture, flickering brightness or cause shut-down after a few seconds or minutes.

Common faults that we repair & assist with.

No power
No input
Projector Won’t turn on
Projector turns on for few minutes
Projector won’t recognize the inputs
Projector has a bad image quality
projector is not bright
New Lamp installed but it wont light up missing color

replacement lamps

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