#AV specialises in total solutions in multimedia projects, professionally integrated presentation systems in boardrooms, high end audio projects, discussion systems, translation systems and video conferencing systems.

Integration of AV might be as simple as wanting to have a display (Projector or LED screen) you can connect to your laptop to and present slides,or a bit more involved where video conferencing, presentations, lighting and shading control and automation are desired. With that level of complexity we are there to assist and advise you on the best possible solution for your needs.

We have the technical expertise to meet the needs of the project and take the time to really understand the application of the room and how it will impact users and the business.

We create a seamless experience for our customers and a few buttons can trigger complex interactions between video conferencing systems, laptop computers, shade control , wireless presentation devices and much more.

Integration of AV.

We send qualified technicians to wire and install equipment on-site. Whether the installation is large or small, the right team will be allocated to ensure it is carried out properly. Our approach to testing equipment before installation has been proven to minimise on-site disruption and reduces complications.

To ensure systems are easy to operate, Hashtag AV‘s qualified technicians will program touch panels to provide user friendly menus. These panels not only replace individual remote controls, but can also control lighting and be linked to room booking systems.


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